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A Bright Opportunity for Solar in Schools

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Solar in School It’s time for the school year to start again. Time for activities, homework, and learning about everything under the sun. What if schools had the ability to save money and provide a hands-on science learning experience? We think that solar systems and schools are two peas in a pod. Schools are the foundation… read more

Solar Soars with Solar Impulse

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  Solar Impulse 2 just landed in Cairo after the sixteenth leg in its record-breaking journey! The goal of the project is to circumnavigate the globe in an aircraft that runs solely off of solar energy and batteries. It is an extremely light single-person aircraft that only weighs around 5,100 pounds. Two men are responsible… read more

Solar Spotlight

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Solar Spotlight: Energy Advisor Team Energy Advisors at RGS Energy are often the first point of contact for prospective customers searching for a solar energy solution. They are responsible for educating homeowners about the basics of solar energy – how it works, basic site characteristics, current rebates and incentives, and finance options. Ultimately, the Energy… read more

That Massachusetts, So Bright Right Now

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The Massachusetts Market is Hot Solar power is bright in Massachusetts! Some may even say that the programs offered in Massachusetts are the best in the country at the moment. The state offers an impressive and widespread mix of solar incentives, loans, tax credits, and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). All of these incentives make… read more

What is an SREC, anyway?

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If you haven’t noticed already, the solar industry is laden with jargon and acronyms that seem like a different language. This can be very confusing as you consider a solar system solution for your electricity needs. But, have no fear! From PPAs to SRECs, we will help you understand each step of the process and… read more

The Power of Community

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Join our Solar Friends & Family Network! Since 1978, we have installed over 25,000 solar systems totaling more than 260 MW. We believe in the power of community (pun intended) to implement clean energy and reduce our collective carbon footprint. As the adoption of solar power spreads across the nation, more and more Americans have… read more

Germany and Portugal Reach Renewable Energy Milestones

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Germany In this past month we’ve witnessed exciting renewable energy milestones from two countries. On May 15th, Germany’s renewable energy sector met nearly 100% of the nation’s energy demands, similar to the previous Sunday at 95%. Solar and wind power contributed 45.5 GW of energy to meet the country’s demand of 45.8GW. Germany is currently… read more

National Company, Local Focus

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Connecticut Audubon and RGS Energy Collaborate to Fight Climate Change by Bringing More Solar Power to the State   We take pride in partnering with local innovative and environmentally conscious organizations. Through these partnerships we have an incredible opportunity to reach a broader audience of Americans with renewable energy resources to combat climate change and… read more

Every Day is Earth Day

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Every day is Earth Day! Out of all those millions and millions of planets floating around there in space, this is our planet, this is our little one, so we just got to be aware of it and take care of it. – Paul McCartney Earth Day emerged out of a counter-cultural environmental movement in… read more

Spring Forward into Solar

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Spring is a great time to switch to solar energy It makes sense to think about the benefits of a solar system when the sun is shining, especially in the peak sunny months of summer. The longer, sunnier days of summer produce more energy. However, there are many benefits in switching to solar energy in… read more

Catch the Solar Rays

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The Future is Bright (grab your sunglasses) Latest Greentech Media Research (GTM) projects the solar market to grow by 119% within the year 2016. In 2015 7.3 gigawatts of solar was installed in the United States and 16 gigawatts of solar energy is expected to be installed in 2016. By 2021, GTM estimates that the… read more

RGS Energy and the Waterkeeper Alliance

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Clean Energy, Clean Water We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with the Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental organization with a mission to keep waterways clean and free of pollution. The vision of the Waterkeeper movement is for swimmable, drinkable, fishable waterways worldwide. This fast-growing environmental movement has over 260 Waterkeeper organizations protecting waterways on 6… read more

What is involved in a site evaluation prior to installation?

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Every residence is different when it comes to developing the perfect design for a solar power system. Even within a housing development, homes with similar architecture will have differing requirements and results based on the direction their home faces, the roof design, the family’s electricity needs, vegetation or other things that may create shade, and… read more

10 things you must know before going solar

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) cell panels are now used to power countless homes, commercial buildings, bus shelters, signs, parking lots and more throughout the U.S. But deciding to make the investment and “go solar” can be daunting for some homeowners, in spite of the financial upside and the desire to improve the environment. To help broaden… read more

The history of residential solar energy

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Solar panels are everywhere. They power roadside phones, power plants and homes. This is due to the extraordinary advancements in the field of solar energy during the past hundred years. However, mankind has a long history of using the sun’s energy. Even the ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese used glass and mirrors to concentrate sunlight… read more

Solar: an investment for your kids and grandkids

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Many people are aware that using solar energy can help lower the bad effects of energy sources like petroleum, coal and natural gas. But have you ever wondered if there is measurable proof that solar energy has lived up to its advertising? After nearly half a century of use, solar energy has proven that it… read more