How does a battery work with solar?

Solar on Demand

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When paired with rooftop solar, batteries provide a clean and reliable way to further decrease your home’s reliance on traditional power. The current generation of batteries are maintenance free, feature highly programmable intelligence software, and aesthetics to complement any home.

Batteries dominate industry news these days. So, you’ve probably seen the hype and heard about solar power storage solutions, but how does it actually work? 

A battery works in tandem with your solar panels and allows you to use and store the power that your panels produce. Many batteries intelligently manage and distribute solar energy to your home.


Any energy produced by your solar system will power your home first. Any excess power will be stored by the battery and then distributed to your home when the solar system is not producing, such as in the evening. A battery allows you to benefit from solar on demand.

How do batteries work during a power outage?

Did you know that without a battery, solar panels shut down during a power outage?

This is a safety feature to protect linemen working on a downed line from being seriously harmed by the power coming from your solar panels. But, with a battery, your solar panels will continue to work and power your home.

The electrical grid sends a very specific signal to your home (60Hz) and your solar panels have a sensor listening to the grid for this signal. If the signal isn’t received  your solar panels will shut down.

However, a battery is positioned between your solar panels and the grid. Your battery continually listens to the grid for that 60Hz signal. If it’s not received, then your battery will disconnect from the grid and produce the 60Hz signal which keeps your solar panels working. Giving you the power you need, when you need it.

Now you know! A battery provides peace of mind, solar on demand, and supports your solar panels in creating affordable energy. Contact one of our expert Solar Energy Consultants today and Own Your Power™. 


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