Beware of Vampire Power

What is Vampire Power?

No, it doesn’t sparkle when it hits the light. Or maybe it does? Depends on which vampires you’re used to.

October can be a spooky month, but the last thing you want is for your electric bills to be scary. Seems like these days electric rates keep going up and that electric bill becomes even more frighteningly high! In fact, on average, electric rates increase every year about 4% nationally.

One thing that may be contributing to a high electric bill is something called vampire power. This is energy generated by electronics and devices that are still plugged in, but may not be turned on. Examples may include things like your coffee maker, toaster, TV, computer, charging devices, gaming consoles, etc.

Electronics or devices may not be turned on, but when plugged in will continue to draw power from the grid. This is sometimes called leaking powervampire power, or phantom loads, because most people aren’t aware power is being pulled. An easy way to help cut down on costs and improve energy efficiency is to unplug these devices after use. After you toast that bread to perfection, unplug the toaster. At night, easily unplug the TV and computer.

Vampires don’t only exist in fantasy world, there are some right in our homes! Now you know about vampire power. Seemingly small actions will add up over time and help your home become the most energy efficient!


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