California Mandated Solar

The Golden State Going for More Solar

California is poised to become the first state to require solar on most new homes and buildings.

What’s Happening

A mandate requiring new homes to have solar is expected to be approved today (Wednesday May 9th) by California’s Energy Commission. This mandate would make California the first state to require solar on most new homes and buildings. California has led the way in renewable energy for years, so it’s not surprising to see more aggressive precepts aimed at hitting clean energy targets.

If approved, the mandate would apply to all homes and apartment buildings beginning January 2020. Some circumstances will be excepted, such as homes shaded by trees or those that may have a roof too small to accommodate solar panels. Net-zero status is not required, so the solar panels are not expected to completely offset total electrical usage.

What the Critics are Saying

Critics fear that an additional cost of construction associated with mandated solar will trickle down and make homes more unaffordable, contributing to a housing shortage. Other critics argue that this new mandate doesn’t do enough and should actually require net-zero homes.

The Benefits

A state-wide solar mandate would not only help California reach their renewable energy goals, but it could also boost state economy and potentially help solar become more affordable in the long run. In addition to reducing overall carbon footprint, home solar panels save homeowners money on their electric bills every month. C.R. Herro (VP of Environmental Affairs for Meritage Homes) speculates that homeowners will save an estimated $50,000 to $60,000 in reduced costs over the solar system’s 25-year lifespan.

Solar Options

Homebuilders now have a few options to fit their communities with solar and comply with this California mandate. In addition to traditional solar panels, solar shingles (or solar roofs) offer a building-integrated solar solution. Like traditional panels, solar shingles convert energy from the sun into power for the home. Unlike traditional panels, solar shingles are also considered a roofing product and installed flush with general asphalt shingles. Our POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 Solar Shingle is a visually stunning renewable energy product that integrates seamlessly into traditional shingle roofs. Read more here. 

We got our start in California as America’s Original Solar Company® selling and installing solar panels in 1978. 40 years later we have continued our mission to provide solar solutions contributing to a sustainable, clean future. Learn how you can reserve your POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles today.

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