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At RGS Energy, we’re here because we want to make an impact. Every day we have the unique and important opportunity to spread the message of clean energy across the nation. We want Americans to save money, become energy independent with solar power, and simultaneously counteract negative climate change. We know that this is achievable and it is our mission to make it a reality!

The industry is continuously growing and so are we. We’re hiring! If you want to make a positive impact every day, are looking to earn more, or the opportunity of a lifetime to learn a new skill set – come join our team. Become a member of our growing team, you will have the opportunity to watch both your career and earning potential take off.

We have some great job opportunities with potential for:

  • A sign-on bonus

  • Paid training

  • $90k in earning potential

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To apply and for more information, visit our recent job postings!

Let’s hear from some current members of our team on why they work here at RGS Energy and in the solar industry.



Current RGS Team Members and Solar Advocates!


Andy Wright




“I love working with customers that want to better our planet for the future of our kids and our kids’ kids.” Andrew Wright (Senior Energy Broker, E-Commerce Division)







Chris Nugent
Chris Nugent

“I wanted to be in the solar industry for many years but after breaking several bones skiing and biking in Colorado, I had no desire to go on any rooftops! Selling solar systems in RGS Energy’s E-Sales division is the perfect fit for me. I enjoy shrinking the Carbon footprint of peoples’ homes, reducing their electric bills, and expanding our business at the same time. I really enjoy that RGS sells solar systems in New England where I grew up and went to college combined with selling in my home state of Colorado!” Chris Nugent (Energy Broker, E-Commerce Division)




“I have been working in the Energy Industry for over 5 years, specifically in solar

Adry Walsh
Adry Walsh

for about 1.5 years here at RGS Energy. My entrance into the industry itself was embroiled with passion to keep our planet’s air clean, waters fresh, and people & animals healthy. Our environment is something that is so much bigger than any particular person, community, or country, and I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to our future generations. In that light, I have studied Sustainability Management (Cradle to Cradle product cycles), Carbon Footprinting, and now at RGS I can directly impact our nation’s electrical grid by designing efficient solar arrays that complement our existing infrastructure and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.” Adry Walsh (System Designer, Engineering Division)


Sheri Biddy
Sheri Biddy

“Working for RGS Energy means I get to contribute positively to my generation’s environmental footprint.  I am surrounded by others who are passionate about the planet, which makes the ever changing and growing solar industry a gratifying career choice.” Sheri Biddy (Fleet Manager, Operations)


Lucas Murphy
Lucas Murphy




“I enjoy working in an industry that is constantly adapting and working towards a brighter future. At RGS Energy I am always learning and applying that new knowledge to projects around the country.” Lucas Murphy (System Designer, Engineering Division)






Continue to live brightly! If you or anyone you know is interested, please refer to our current job postings.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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