Daylight Savings Year Round

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Daylight Savings is just around the corner, this weekend to be exact! As we set our clocks ahead, we look forward to the longer sunny days of spring and summer. It’s especially exciting for those have solar panels to convert all of that sunlight into usable energy. Solar panels generate the most electricity during these months and reach peak performance, saving customers even more money on electricity.

For those who aren’t generating solar power, now is the time to start your solar project! Why?


Starting your solar project now ensures you’ll be first in line for local incentives typically offered on a first-come first-serve basis. So it’s important to reserve those rebates before they’re gone! Local incentives significantly reduce the overall cost of a complete solar panel system, when combined with the 30% Federal ITC.  Learn more about incentives here.

Benefits of the Federal Solar Tax Credit

Peak Performance

Starting your solar project now makes sure that your system is installed, running, and producing power by summer! Since there are longer, sunnier days in summer, your solar system will operate at peak performance.

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If those aren’t reasons enough, we’re sweetening the deal. Sign up with RGS Energy this March 2018 and we’ll pay your solar savings (up to $599*) while your system is being designed and installed. That’s up to 3 months of solar savings!

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