Do right by the environment

My family and I are always looking for great ways to both stretch our dollar further and do right by the environment. We live in a smaller subdivision in eastern Boulder County and while a few of our neighbors have solar, a number of our friends in other Colorado communities have gone solar and have noted how much value they are getting out of installing their systems. They all went with a lease versus buy option because of the great pros that come along with that option and it became apparent after speaking with several companies that this was the best option for us as well. In the end it’ll save us a substantial amount of money over the life of our lease, the workmanship is maintained and warrantied by Real Goods and we just felt great about doing business with our solar consultant – it was definitely a no-pressure situation which we appreciated. By generating our own power we expect to be able to pay for a couple of year’s of our kid’s college at a minimum in what we’ll save over the period and we’re working with Real Goods not just because of the sales pitch, but because of the service they offer, the way they stand behind their product and the rate they guaranteed over the life of the lease.

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