Granby’s First Solarize Installation

Solarize Granby in Full Swing!

By Brittany Schibi

With the weather getting nicer, the sun shining and at its peak production, now is the time to go solar! Programs sparked by the Connecticut Green Bank make it easy to educate yourself on the benefits that come from harnessing the sun’s energy. RGS Energy has partnered up with the Solarize Connecticut program to bring solar to residents in Granby, CT. Our team is working hard to get the solar projects in full swing and we are excited to announce that the first Solarize Granby installation is complete!

Details on the First Solarize Granby Install

The system is about 11.89 kW in size and expected to cover 78% of the homeowner’s energy use. With their average energy bill costing about $245 a month, these Granby residents expect to save $175.00 from each bill now they have gone solar. Imagine that! Without solar these homeowners would have spent about $122,000 dollars in electrical costs over a 25-year span. With their new system, they will only pay about $63,000. That’s $58,000 in savings over 25 years! The installation went smoothly and took about three days from start to finish. Typically, an install can take as few as one to two days. However this was a larger solar energy system, covering three separate roof areas (check out the install design from the customer’s proposal, included with the images below). RGS Energy created a custom system design for these Granby residents, increasing their estimated property value by $26,400. The system’s kWh production is equal to reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide by 19,264 Lbs. A carbon removal of this amount will make a considerable positive impact on our environment and is equivalent to:


Ready to go with Solarize Granby?

Congratulations to all Granby residents who have decided and will decide to go solar under the Solarize Granby program. Remember, you must sign by August 9th, 2017, in order to receive the exclusive benefits offered by the Solarize program. For more information, visit the Solarize Granby webpage.

If you have any questions regarding your options for going solar, don’t hesitate! Reach out to us here at RGS Energy. Our Solar Energy Consultants are always available to answer any questions you may have, give us a call at 888-56-Solar or visit us at!

Our next event is coming up on June 21st, we will be hosting a Solarize Granby Workshop at Salmon Brook Park from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in Granby, CT.  Hope to see you there!

A few photos taken from the first Solarize Granby install:




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