Bringing Solar to Granby, Connecticut

Local Company, National Focus We are excited to announce that we have been chosen as the exclusive solar installer for the Solarize Connecticut program in Granby, Connecticut! Our office in Bloomfield, Connecticut, is close by to Granby and excited to offer support for this program. Read the full press release here.   What is the… read more

The Solar Surge: A Monumental Year

solar installation massachusetts

Solar in the Spotlight Across the board in most social settings, 2016 was frequently publicized as the worst year. While headlines focused upon the bad of 2016, something much better was happening behind the scenes – what we’re calling “The Solar Surge”. New research shows that the U.S. solar industry experienced a record-breaking year in… read more

Get Credit for Switching to Solar Energy

ground-mount solar savings

Switching to Solar is not Taxing It’s that time again, time for taxes. Tax season can be met with a cringe, but not for those who switched to solar power the previous year – no, they’re all doing happy dances across the country. Get your happy dance ready, because this will be you next year!… read more

4 Step Solar Project

4 Steps to Solar

4 Easy Steps to Solar  Have you ever wondered what exactly a solar project entails? You’ve come to the right place! We lay out the easy steps to solar in today’s blog. With any larger-scale home improvement or construction project it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed at the beginning. But, the very first step is to get… read more

U.S. Energy Policy Today

America's Original Solar Company

Uncertain but Optimistic Where does the renewable energy sector fit in today’s U.S. energy policy?   As expected, many questions surround the national energy policy following the inauguration of President Trump. While uncertainty clouds the future of current U.S. renewable energy policies, our nation progressed significantly over the past 10 years with the implementation of… read more

Solar Powers the Big Game this Weekend

Solar Powers the Big Football Game

The Big Game Requires Big Electricity Over the years, more and more buildings implement energy efficient processes to become LEEDS compliant and certified. In recent years many stadiums and arenas followed suit and instituted a green energy policy.  This year, the host stadium of Super Bowl LI brought it’s energy A-game. Stadium Size Energy Efficiency… read more

RGS Energy Making Big Moves

RGS Energy Making Big Moves to Denver

RGS Energy Making Big Moves To downtown Denver, Colorado.   You’ve probably heard, but our corporate headquarter offices are moving to downtown Denver! This weekend, actually. Even though the office is scattered with boxes and packing tape, the excitement is here. We really are elated to join the downtown Denver community and bring RGS Energy… read more

Solar Glossary

Solar Glossary Blog Image

Glossary of Solar Terms ITC, PPA, and PV – Oh my! The solar world is saturated with acronyms, terms, and jargon that can get confusing. Although it feels like a different language, we want you to be informed as you research solar to power your life! We’re here to help you, so we’ve compiled the… read more

You Asked, We Answered: 2016’s Questions in Review

2016 FAQs in Review Graphic

Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers You asked and we have answered in this review of 2016’s most frequently asked solar questions. From questions about financing options to monitoring and reporting, we’ve got you covered so you can feel confident going into 2017. By the way, solar is magic. We get that question a lot.… read more

2017 Resolution: Lose CO² Pounds

2017 Resolution Lose CO2 Pounds building emissions

Resolve to go Solar in 2017 Resolve to go solar and shed some CO² pounds in 2017. We recommend a low carbon diet… Today’s Levels Year over year CO₂ levels have increased dramatically. We’ve realized a sharp spike in CO₂ levels between 1950 and the present. In 2013, CO₂ levels went above 400 ppm for… read more

Benefits of the Federal Solar Tax Credit

Benefits of the Federal Solar Tax Credit thumbnail

Federal ITC With year’s end upon us, taxes also loom. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially for those that installed a solar system in 2016. For folks that did install a solar system, they can enjoy the benefit of the solar Investment Tax Credit or ITC. What is the ITC? “A tax credit is… read more

Join Our Team in Downtown Denver

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RGS Energy in Downtown Denver   2017 promises to be an exciting year for all involved in the solar industry as installs increase across the nation and more Americans are adopting clean, renewable solar energy to power their lives. As the industry grows, so do we! We are excited to announce that our RGS Energy… read more

The Griswold Guide to Holiday Lights

the griswold guide to holiday lights

How much would Clark Griswold pay today to light his home? You know the scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when Clark Griswold finally gets his Christmas lights turned on and the city’s power goes out? It’s pretty hard to forget, especially if you’re like us and cringe when his meter is running forward. Here’s… read more

Energy Gift Buying Guide 2016

energy gift buying guide solar panel presents

Gadget Gifts for Christmas, so Watt? What are the hottest gift trends this 2016 Holiday Season? Technology is always a popular choice, from the latest tech gadgets to state of the art kitchen appliances. You can bet that anything WIFI compatible and controlled remotely will be at the top of the list at Santa’s workshop.… read more

Career Opportunities at RGS Energy

Career Opportunities at RGS Energy solar rooftop installer

We’re looking for you! Join the RGS Energy Team today. At RGS Energy, we’re here because we want to make an impact. Every day we have the unique and important opportunity to spread the message of clean energy across the nation. We want Americans to save money, become energy independent with solar power, and simultaneously… read more

Soak Up The Sun

Soak up the Sun Banner

#SoakUpTheSun Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays, folks! I’m sure by now you’ve heard about REI’s wildly successful #OptOutside campaign which encourages patrons to spend time outside with their families in lieu of hectic Black Friday shopping. We admire this campaign for many reasons, but mostly because we’re in the business of improving the environment and… read more

(Solar) Power Through The Storm

solar power through the storm

It really saved [us] during Irene. We were the only ones in our area that had power for about two weeks save the folks with backup generators. The system has worked flawlessly. For that matter the RGS system on our new home has been great also. (Greg C – Manchester, MA) Solar Power Through The… read more

Winter is Coming, what about solar?

winter is coming snow on panels banner

Solar Systems Still Perform in Winter It’s October, the fall season is here, and Halloween is on the way which means that winter weather is just around the corner (especially here at HQ in Colorado). We often think about solar power systems in the summer as the sun shines longer through the day and the… read more

Hottest Month on Record

hottest month on record banner

And the hottest month goes to…   In 136 years, we have not witnessed months as hot as this past July and August. August recorded at 1.76° F above the 1951-1980 average. With this trend, 2016 is expected to be the hottest year on record. Let me repeat, the hottest year on record. Check out… read more

California Leads the Way

The heat wave this summer brought triple-digit temperatures to the state of California and provided evidence for the climate-change debate. However, the most interesting thing that it has given the state is a massive amount of solar energy. As of 1:06 p.m. on July 12th, California brought in 8,030 megawatts of large-scale solar power, which… read more