Revisiting solar brings tremendous savings

My wife and I moved into our new home in March. We had considered solar briefly on our old home, but I decided that it wasn’t cost effective at the time, based on the options available. When a few of our new neighbors started putting solar on their homes, I revisited the idea and found… read more

Controlling high energy costs in SoCal

Living in Southern California, our energy costs are out of control. We have been looking into Solar for quite a few years and decided Real Goods was the right choice for us. Their professional sales people and staff really made us comfortable in knowing that we made the right decision. Related posts: Saved from downsizing… read more

Another reason to meet your neighbors

I lived in Erie CO for over 10 years and was excited to move closer to “home” after having my boy/girl twins. I have now lived 3 years in my favorite town of Golden. When I moved to my community I saw several houses with Solar. I always thought, it would be great to get… read more

Doing the right thing in Stapleton, CO

My wife and our two kids and I live in Stapleton. We recently decided to get solar on our house. We made an initial appointment and had the sales guy come to the house, he did a wonderful job explaining it to us. In short I can lease the system, pay a monthly lease payment,… read more

Solar wisdom

In harmony with the earth: Real Goods Solar – Nancy Related posts: Long term savings on energy costs now a reality! Controlling high energy costs in SoCal Solar is a learning process Doing right economically and ecologically… read more

It pays to go solar!

My wife and I are preparing to retire. In doing so, we are trying to reduce our expenses or keep them at a controllable level. Our electric bills were not exorbitant so we weren’t sure if it would pay to go solar. To our surprise, we found out that not only would our electrical expenses… read more

Building contractor goes solar for self sufficiency

I’m a building contractor in Santa Cruz, Ca. My wife and I decided to go solar to be self sufficient AND to save money!! Being a contractor, I knew what I wanted in a solar contractor. My salesman Josh was very professional and thorough. He had answers to all my questions that were easy to… read more

Solar will lower bill to less than $20 a month

My wife and I are preparing for retirement in the very near future. One of the goals we have is to reduce expenses to make our retirement funds go further. We were pointed to the solar option by some friends who were extremely happy with the results they received after installing a system through Real… read more

Making a commitment to living sustainably begins at home

My husband and I have always believed in living sustainably. We are both graduates of the University of Colorado Environmental Design/Architecture program and believe that making a commitment to living sustainably begins at home. We always thought that being able to put solar on our home was out of our reach expense wise, and after… read more