Showing environmental heart

In the late 70s I used to receive a fantastic catalog full of environmentally friendly products. It contained everything from composting toilets to small windmills to books on environmental activism. Jump ahead 30 years and my partner and I are driving up the California Coast south of the Giant Redwoods and there I see a sign for Real Goods. Sure enough it was the headquarters for the catalog I so loved in my 20s. We did a U-turn and spent a couple of hours exploring all the goodies at this store and educational center.

This year we moved from NW Arkansas to the Palm Springs, California area. Of course it had always seemed ludicrous to me that all new homes that were built in So. Calif were not required to have solar power if we truly were serious about being free of foreign oil and helping save our planet. Having survived Hurricane Katrina and its man-made floods, as an evacuee in the Superdome, climate and global warming has been an important issue for me.

I went online and happily discovered that Real Goods Solar had been in business longer than any other solar company and they certainly weren’t a fly by night organization. I knew that unlike some other solar companies their hearts were into the environmental movement so we decided to support this company.

Our representative in the area, Dave Kingery is an amazing individual who I must say is supercharged with his own spare solar batteries. His energy and enthusiasm is boundless. We were extremely impressed and decided to go with the lease plan. In a mere 5-6 years our investment from both a financial standpoint and in deference to Mother Nature will break even. After that it’s gravy. We expect our highest electric bills in an area that has extremely high rates to never exceed $18./mo maximum and all the time our system will be under warranty and free maintenance for decades to come. Not only will it increase our home value but we can sleep easier at night knowing that we have done a small part towards reducing our carbon footprint. Our system is not in place yet but we definitely look forward to that day when we toast its completion over a bottle of champagne and locally grown oranges.

To further our environmental goals we recently became the first dealership in California for Rhoadescars. These are 4 wheel bicycles (Quadracycles) produced in the U.S. “The 4-wheel bike that drives like a car” holds 1-4 persons depending on the model. Think of a Flintstones mobile and that’s kind of what they look like.

It’s never too late to go green folks and by choosing Real Goods you are supporting the entire green movement.

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