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I think we can agree it officially feels like winter, especially since the holidays are in full swing! Contrary to popular belief, winter is a great season to start your solar project. Why? Starting your solar project in the winter months means you’ll be first in line for incentives offered in the new year. Many solar incentives are offered on a first-come first-serve basis so it’s important to secure a rebate before they’re gone. 

Another reason to start you solar project during the winter season is to make sure your system is installed and running before the peak sunny months of spring and summer. Your system will generate the most electricity during the spring and summer months, so it’s important to get everything squared away before then! 

In case you still have concerns about starting your solar project during the winter season, read more about why Solar Systems Still Perform in Winter.

If those aren’t reasons enough, we’re sweetening the deal. Introducing our December Sign & Save promotion! Sign up with RGS Energy in December 2017 and we’ll pay your solar savings (up to $599) while your system is being designed and installed.* That’s up to 3 months of solar savings we’re giving you before you even have solar panels! See below for details.  

Interested in immediate savings? Contact us today at 888.56.SOLAR or click below to get started. 


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