Solar provides relief from high electric bill

My husband and I live in Palm Springs, CA., in a gated community for senior citizens. We moved to Palm Springs seven years ago from Spokane Wa., to escape the hard winters and we’ve never looked back. Since we do live here year round, our electrical bill averages $204 per month–and that was before the recent hike by SoCal Edison. In the summer there are days when our air conditioning never turns off and we never set it below 79 degrees. We have made several changes to lower our power bills. We have added more insulation in the attic, have an attic fan and have changed most of our bulbs to those which use much less power. We turned off our freezer for two of the summer months, which was hard for me as I love to cook and buying in bulk was normal for us. As we learned more about solar, we decided to have a couple of companies come talk to us. Ultimately we decided on Read Goods Solar to install our system as they gave us a very good fixed rate, which over the long run will give us significant savings. This is important to us as my retirement has meant a cut in income and we are looking for any way to save on our monthly expenses. Our son and daughter-in-law have a system from Read Goods Solar and they are very happy with it. I know we will be too.

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