Summertime, when the solar living’s easy.

Summertime, when the solar living’s easy.

Summer Solstice and Solar FOMO

As you might guess, the first day of summer (or the Summer Solstice) is one of our favorite days to celebrate here at America’s Original Solar Company®.

Why? Besides the fact that we just love summer and all things sunny, it’s the “longest” day of the year with the most sunshine. Solar panels will be at peak performance across America, generating more power than any other day of the year and saving you money. What’s not to celebrate about longer days, happy solar panels, and saving money?

The word solstice comes from solstitium, sol (sun) + stitium (to stop). It certainly feels like the sun stops. In fact, most states will experience at least 15 hours of sunlight during the Summer Solstice. That’s 15 hours you can be outside and soak up the sun like a solar panel.

Although we all like to celebrate the first day of summer, those with solar panels have even more of a reason to celebrate. The longest day of the year means more solar energy production for your home! The peak, sunny summer months offer the most power production. We encourage everyone to have a solar power system installed before the summer so they don’t experience what we call solar FOMO, also known as the Fear of Missing Out.

What is solar FOMO? It’s the fear of missing out on incredible solar savings during the summer because you haven’t switched to renewable solar energy. Don’t let solar FOMO affect you! Talk with one of our expert Solar Energy Consultants and get started on your summer solar project today. Switch to solar today and realize incredible solar savings this summer.

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