$0 down

Lowering bills from PGandE

Now that we have the solar energy panels ONLINE and producing electricity resulting in DRAMATICALLY LOWER bills from both PGandE and a company called “Kilowatt Systems” (I believe if memory serves correctly) I can’t believe it. Our first PGandE bill was a $39.95 CREDIT BALANCE – no payment required. Our next one was for $24.26… read more

Employee Walks the Walk

My name is Sean, I’m 29 years old, and I’m a Real Goods Solar employee. I write content for RealGoodsSolar.com, and I have written a few blog posts as well. Through a $0-down solar lease, I had a solar PV system installed at my house in Northglenn, Colorado in December 2013. I’ve been a supporter… read more

Not burdening the energy grid

Hi There, We signed up for Solar from Realgoods. I contacted around 5-7 local and out of state solar providers to install solar at our house. No one can beat the price and standard of installation provided by Realgoods. We went with 20 years lease option with no upfront cost and only pay for the… read more

Blessed with sunshine

My family and I live outside of Denver Colorado where we are blessed with a great deal of sunshine. We were thinking it would be great if we could harness the energy of the sun, but had heard that it was very expensive. We have noticed over the years that the summers are getting hotter… read more

Powered by the ever lasting sun

I’ve always dreamed of going full solar to support my energy use. It is just a super cool un damaging renewable way to provide for our current excessive power needs. Even more so do we need it now than when the dream started of someday having a full supporting system powered by the ever lasting… read more

Too good to be true

My husband and I have been thinking about going solar for a few years but the cost always held us back. When my brother said he had gotten solar for $0 out of pocket to get started, it sounded too good to be true. He passed our name to Peter and after a few phone… read more

The right conditions for solar energy

As a retired civil engineer I have been in the water/wastewater industry for 44 yrs. Energy (methane) generation in the wastewater industry has been in vogue for a number of years and solar generation has now entered the competition for ways to make the facilities self sufficient. I reside in a local community in Clark… read more

A desirable home improvement

Our home is almost 60 years old! I’m sure it’s seen many families come and go—some loving it as a home and others taking advantage of it as a house. It is from an era when they still built quality homes with real wood and a solid foundation. When we bought our home 10 years… read more

Going solar is easy

I am so truly surprised about how easy it was to go solar with Real Goods Solar. I normally cringe when it comes to meeting with sales people but Christine made my decision so easy after she explained everything thoroughly and spelled out the benefits of going solar. The best way to describe my decision… read more

Let the savings begin

We were approached by a salesman from an opposing company about installing a solar energy system on our home. I have always believed that solar is the way to go, but never thought that we could afford it. After speaking with the salesman and learning about the no out of pocket plan that is available,… read more

Going green never looked better

As a recent retiree wanting to maximize my fixed income, Real Goods presented an offer too good to pass up – no out-of-pocket money, a locked-in electric rate for 20 years at a rate lower than CL+P, no maintenance of the system. Not wanting to have a roof mounted system, Real Goods offered a ground-mounted… read more

Electricity bills are too high & getting higher

We decided to go solar because our electricity bills are simply too high…and are always getting higher. We have done every energy efficiency upgrade we can think of and our bills are still outrageous. Our home has beautiful vaulted ceilings, my wife works from home, and we live in the Central Valley where the summer… read more

Financial coaches discover solar savings

Becky and I run a growing business coaching families on their finances, and have lived in our home for 15 years. We liked the idea of solar power, both for the ecology and the potential savings, but didn’t want to spend time researching options. We have two sets of friends who have gone solar,and both… read more