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Saving big money on solar!

Hi ! this message is for anyone who is interested saving big money on solar! I have been consulted with three different solar companies and did a lot of research just to insure that the almost life long system that i am going to install is reliable and affordable (reasonable). the first company offered me… read more

Four generations of Colorado stewardship

We are a fourth – generation Colorado family with deep ties to agriculture and strong beliefs in taking care of the land. With that in mind, consistent practices of reusing and recycling are a normal way of life. Taking advantage of solar power seemed to fit naturally with this. When I considered installing solar panels… read more

Saving by leasing solar

Lisa Stergulz and TJ Embler helped my family go solar. We were concerned with the rising cost of electricity and decided to save thousands by leasing our system. Now we look forward to not feeling like we’re wasting money every time we need to click on the AC. Related posts: Electricity bills are too high… read more

Going solar with Christine and Real Goods

I have become more involved in environmental causes in the past few years and have been thinking about solar power for a while. I put central air in my Massapequa home 4 years ago and find that I use it a lot during the warm weather, but I wasn’t sure if I used enough electricity… read more

Blessed with sunshine

My family and I live outside of Denver Colorado where we are blessed with a great deal of sunshine. We were thinking it would be great if we could harness the energy of the sun, but had heard that it was very expensive. We have noticed over the years that the summers are getting hotter… read more

Saving and living responsibly

We always dreaded opening our electrical bill, afraid to find out how much we were going to have to pay LADWP, especially during the summer months when we used our air conditioning continuously. This year my husband decided to do something about it and did some research into solar energy. We wanted to save money… read more

17% ROI with solar

Hi my name is Chuck and I decided to go solar after looking at the net system cost after the 30% federal tax credit and PG&E credit, and then my yearly expenditure on electricity. I calculate I’m earning approximately a 17% return at current utility rates! Where can you get that for your money? Living… read more

Avoiding the cost of not going solar

Over the years we have looked into solar for our home because we knew it would provide us a better, cleaner source of energy. We researched several companies and never found the one that seemed to fit our needs. After contacting Real Goods Solar we immediately liked the company and their products. What made us… read more

Saving without sacrifice

My husband and I are a happily married couple with 4 children. We are always looking for ways of cutting cost without sacrificing comfort. We live in a beautiful home in a city where the summers are very HOT. We do not normally run the air conditioner much during the summer to avoid large electricity… read more

Relief from the heat at a fraction of the cost

We just signed up with Real Goods Solar two weeks ago and have begun the “solar process”. We have been thinking about solar for the past three years but just didn’t take that final step until working with our Real Goods solar rep, Mark Chapman. Real Goods offered the best price and best customer service.… read more

The best investment for an all electric home

Several years ago we looked into solar, but the expense was tremendous, and we weren’t sure how long we’d be living in our home. However, we are an all electric house in Southern California and our electric bill was always over $500. A neighbor had solar installed less than a year ago and convinced us… read more

Electricity bills are too high & getting higher

We decided to go solar because our electricity bills are simply too high…and are always getting higher. We have done every energy efficiency upgrade we can think of and our bills are still outrageous. Our home has beautiful vaulted ceilings, my wife works from home, and we live in the Central Valley where the summer… read more

Staying cool in SoCal

We live in Los Angeles where the electrical rates are far more than the rest of the country. Due to the extremely hot and dry summers here, we wanted to get central air conditioning, but we knew that we couldn’t afford the bills.With the amount of solar power our system will return each summer, we… read more

Turning off the light police

I had become the light police in my home. Everyone avoided me because I would constantly tell them to turn off lights. Getting rid of my incandescent bulbs wasn’t enough. I was still seeing $200 monthly electric bills and up to $450 bills when we needed to use our central air conditioning. I stressed out… read more