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17 years in the making

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We built our modular house almost 17 years ago. Part of our plan has always been to convert to solar when it became more affordable. With the RealGoods Solar lease plan we were finally able to realize our dream of installing solar electric. The system was only powered up a couple of weeks ago, so… read more

Climate Change and Solar Power

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A long, long time ago, before home solar power was about saving money on your monthly electric bill, the main motivation for going solar was environmental. Before anyone was talking about “reducing their carbon footprint,” homeowners invested in solar energy systems with the goal of doing just that. Today, as the effects of man-made global… read more

Making the Change

Changing our country’s dependence on foreign oil supplies starts with ourselves and by changing to solar power we help our nation get one step closer to make that change. Additionally, having solar power installed makes our family feel great about the environmental impact that we are contributing. Real Good Solar made it easy to make… read more

Less Impact

We decided to go solar because we have a young family and use a lot of energy . . . and we wanted to feel better about our family’s impact on the environment. Related posts: Doing their part in the valley Impacting global warming with solar panels Going solar in Levittown New York Lowering bills… read more

Better than burning old dinosaur parts

California energy prices are ridiculously high! We know that SCE is trying to increase prices even higher, so we decided to check out solar power. We had several companies come and give us a quote. RealGoods offered the best price and had the most knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative. I will be saving $17,000… read more

Helping the ecosystem

I have always been interested in solar power as a way to help the eco system. Been thinking of installing solar for a few years, and finally made the move to install a system. Related posts: Doing their part in the valley Impacting global warming with solar panels Going solar in Levittown New York Lowering… read more

Using the desert sunshine

We moved to the desert 4 years ago and were interested in solar, because of the abundance of sunshine. As more and more neighbors have installed solar, we decided it was time to begin checking out the details. We contacted Mike Symmes at Real Goods, after being referred by a neighbor. We spoke with 5… read more

Leasing solar in the Denver area

Hi I live in a western suburb of Denver. My husband and I are concerned about our environment and and our economy so we have been looking for ways to help. One way is to use renewable energy like solar or wind. Wind power is not feasible for a suburban homeowner but solar is really… read more