Going solar is easy

I am so truly surprised about how easy it was to go solar with Real Goods Solar. I normally cringe when it comes to meeting with sales people but Christine made my decision so easy after she explained everything thoroughly and spelled out the benefits of going solar. The best way to describe my decision… read more

Real Goods Solar Smart Electric Sweepstakes

The Real Goods Solar Smart Electric Sweepstakes is now open! This year we’re giving away a 3-year lease for a smart electric drive (also known as the Smart ForTwo or the smart ED) plus a 1.5 kW solar electric system installed on the winner’s roof to charge it with. A 3-Year Smart Electric Drive Lease… read more

Real Goods Solar and BMW Partnership Provides Ultimate Green Experience

Real Goods Solar is thrilled to announce a partnership with BMW North America that will make the new, all-electric BMW ActiveE the ultimate green machine. ActiveE drivers in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York can now get 35% off a home solar system from Real Goods Solar. The marriage of solar panels and… read more

Severe Weather and Your Solar Panels

With Hurricane Irene quickly approaching the Northeast, the team at Real Goods Solar (formerly Alteris Renewables) wanted to reassure customers that their photovoltaic systems were designed, engineered and installed to all applicable building codes and engineering standards for their location and environment. You do not need to take any extra measures to secure your solar… read more

How Will Solar Panel Shading Affect Your Home Solar Plans?

I’m about to tell you something that you probably didn’t think you would ever hear from a solar contractor…your home or business may not be a good fit for solar. That’s right, I said it! Yes, solar electric systems can reduce or eliminate your electric bill, but not every location works for solar. While there… read more