Solar System

Climate Change and Solar Power

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A long, long time ago, before home solar power was about saving money on your monthly electric bill, the main motivation for going solar was environmental. Before anyone was talking about “reducing their carbon footprint,” homeowners invested in solar energy systems with the goal of doing just that. Today, as the effects of man-made global… read more

New team members

We are very excited to have solar system and join the green energy movement. We can’t wait to have our electricity meter goes backward. Real Goods Solar has a great reputation and competitive price with great solar panels. We are happy to join your team! Related posts: Getting solar in New England Paying less for… read more

Solar water and electricity

I have had a solar hot water system since 2008 and am looking forward to the PV system i have just contracted for installation. Related posts: It pays to go solar! Saved from downsizing by solar Green Home on a Budget New team members… read more

Trying to take down big bills

Although we were pretty conservative with our electrical usage, with 3500 square feet of living space our electrical bill still averaged about 220 dollars a month. It makes financial sense to invest in a solar system that will pay itself in a few years and no longer have an electrical bill for the next 20… read more

Real Goods Solar Smart Electric Sweepstakes

The Real Goods Solar Smart Electric Sweepstakes is now open! This year we’re giving away a 3-year lease for a smart electric drive (also known as the Smart ForTwo or the smart ED) plus a 1.5 kW solar electric system installed on the winner’s roof to charge it with. A 3-Year Smart Electric Drive Lease… read more

What Does Going Solar with Real Goods Solar Look Like?

Want to know more about going solar with Real Goods? Energy Hunter’s George “Woody” Wood did, so he stopped by a Winchester, Massachusetts home on the day of its solar system installation to ask the homeowner and the Real Goods Solar installers all about it (as well as share some info about the system at… read more

Savvy shopper finds the right solar company for the job

I live in a quiet little neighborhood in Perris CA. My neighbors have been asking about the solar companies that have been inspecting my home. I tell all of my neighbors that this is the company I chose and why. So I thought I might share a few words on what I did to find… read more

Solar all the way in San Jose

My family and I live in South San Jose in a neighborhood that was built as a green community. In trying to keep with this philosophy and the rising electric prices we investigated installing a solar system. We like the idea of clean energy and with the addition of an electric vehicle the choice was… read more

A lower electric bill in Northern MA

My name is Kevin and my wife’s name is Velma. We live in Northern MA with three children and have a nice home and a very large electric bill. Regardless of our efforts of reducing our electricity consumption (reminding our kids to shut off the lights, replacing older appliances, installing CFL’s, etc.), our electric bill… read more

Saved from downsizing by solar

We have lived in the foothills of California’s central valley for the past 20 years. In a country home setting, we have a deep water well, a large swimming pool, a koi pond and a huge Spring and Summer vegetable garden. Our power needs are significant and our already astronomical electric bills continue to grow… read more

Pleasantly surprised with the cost of solar

My wife and I looked into solar several years ago in response to our ever-escalating electric bills, but the cost was prohibitive and simply did not make sense. Recently, we spoke with Tim Ramage from Real Goods Solar, and we were pleasantly surprised at the current costs associated with solar. With the substantial price reduction… read more

Augmenting energy design with the sun

I first became interested in Solar PV during the construction of our new home in Woburn, MA, I was designing the house to achieve Energy Star certification and felt solar was a good way to augment the overall energy design of our home. We have 38 panels installed on the roof of our home and… read more

Blessed with bright sunshine in Colorado

I have lived in Colorado for more than forty years and have come to enjoy the nearly continuous bright sunshine with which we are blessed. We have always lived in the central part of Denver in older houses. Although these houses have many challenges, they are well built and in many cases have good solar… read more

Going solar in Porterville

After completing a new roof last summer my wife and I decided to explore installing a solar system. We contacted several companies in the process of trying to get an idea exactly what would be involved and the cost of such a project. Many of the companies we contacted advertise heavily on radio and TV.… read more