Who needs a critter guard?

Unless you’re a Disney princess who relies on cute animals to help clean up the house, you probably don’t appreciate any unwanted critters, especially if they can cause damage.

It turns out critters (like birds and squirrels) especially like to hang out under solar panels. Squirrels have a tendency to chew electrical wires, which damage your solar system and lead to power loss. Birds, usually pigeons, like to nest under solar panels which cause a dangerous buildup of unwanted materials and feces. This buildup of critter debris damages solar panels, reduces panel efficiency, and is a fire hazard.


So, what do you do? 

Protect your investment! Solar panels are not a cozy critter hotel but your ticket to clean, renewable power and reduced electric bills.

Have a critter guard installed. Critter guards act as a physical barrier attached to the sides of rooftop panels and block out any unwanted critters or dangerous debris. These protective guards are typically made of metal mesh strips, kind of like a much sturdier chicken wire. It allows for your solar panels to stay ventilated, but protects your panels from dangerous debris and animals, while maintaining a clean appearance.

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If you’re just now looking into solar systems or you already have one, make sure to have a professional install the critter guard. Attempting to install your own critter guard is dangerous!  Many solar companies, like us, will include an option to have a critter guard installed so make sure to mention it to your solar consultant. We also just rolled out our new O&M services for anyone with a solar system! If you already have a solar system and would like a critter guard installed, we can take care of that for you, whether we installed your solar system or not.

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