Winter is Coming

So Are Higher Electrical Utility Bills

Brace yourself, winter is coming. Which means in some instances, so are higher electrical rates from your utility company.

Nationally, electric rates increase an average of 4% annually. However, effective November 1, 2017, National Grid customers in Rhode Island, New York, and Massachusetts can expect another increase in their electric rates and subsequently, monthly utility bill.

National Grid customers in Rhode Island just experienced a rate hike which increased monthly utility bills 16-21%. In Massachusetts, the default service rate is expected to rise 34% starting November 1stAlready, New Yorkers have the 7th highest energy cost in the United States. But, New York residents could see a $200 increase in their utility bills annually. 

Doesn’t it feel like a snowball to the face? 


Why are rates going up? 

According to many sources, transmission and distribution costs have increased for National Grid. Higher distribution costs and increased wholesale natural gas prices, expected to rise in the winter, mean higher electric rates and more expensive energy for residents.

What can you do?  

What about those who have their own solar power system? Homeowners with solar aren’t as subjected to such seasonal electrical rate hikes or arbitrary charges. They have a predictable utility bill and in some cases, don’t even owe anything to the utility company. Check out average utility bills after going solar in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York. For more state specific information on solar, click the graphic. 

Rhode Island Average*
Massachusetts Average*
New York Average*

Which would you rather pay? Switch to solar and Own Your Power™ with RGS Energy, America’s Original Solar Company®.

*Savings numbers and home value increases are based on recent average RGS Energy customer purchases in that state.  Each solar power system is customized for the customer and the home, so prices and savings will vary based on many factors including location, system size, shading, weather, availability/qualification for government and/or other rebates or incentives, and local utility rates. RGS Energy does not guarantee savings on total electricity costs, increases in home value, or financial returns. Terms of financing, if available, vary by location and are not available in all areas
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